Bilberry Fool

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Otherwise known as whortleberries, whinberries and huckleberries, now is the time to forage on high grounds for these little jewelled beauties. Our favourite spot in Pembrokeshire is 20 minutes away from Newport in Rosebush in the Preseli mountains. Delicious but tart eaten raw, we like them stewed with some sugar and whipped into cloudy deliciousness of a traditional fruit fool.


250g Bilberries,
3tbsp Caster sugar,
200ml Double cream,
200g Greek yoghurt,
1tbsp Caster sugar,
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract,


Stew the bilberries with 3tbsp sugar then leave to cool completely.
Whip the double cream before folding in the remaining ingredients and the cooled fruit stew.



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