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I have worked in many kitchens and restaurants, with many wonderful chefs.

There are two things that makes the Llys Meddyg chef, Matt Smith, stand out from the crowd in my eyes.

The first thing I noticed is that he is incredibly calm. It doesn’t matter how much the heat turns up, how busy we get, he’s as cool as a cucumber.

The second thing I noticed was how creative and motivated Matt is in the kitchen. Every day he is pushing himself further, crafting new recipes, exploring new dishes, trying new things. It’s very inspiring. And it tastes delicious!

The dishes at Llys Meddyg are works of art. Hours of work has gone into sourcing ingredients, preparing the many ‘layers’ that go into a meal and creating plates, all the while ensuring that the ‘taste’ in each dish, each ingredient, is maintained.

Tuesday Matt created ‘Mock Poached Egg’ Dessert – a vanilla rice pudding, with a mango centre, on a pain perdu toast accompanied by a mango sorbet. It looks like poached egg on toast. It tastes like a vanilla rice pudding with mango. I love the way it plays with the senses. You see one thing, you think you know what you are getting and BAM! a totally different taste.

Today I just heard Matt say he was thinking about ‘deep frying hollandaise’….. I’ll keep you posted!


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