Insiders Tip: How to Make Caviar

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salmon_header-4424For months now we have been watching Matt create his soy and cucumber ‘caviar’ and thought it would be a fun chef’s tip to share with you!

Cucumber Caviar:
1.2g Agar
0.4g Locust bean gum
1000g Vegetable oil
300g Cucumber juice
This is a great party trick and can be done at the table for maximum WOW factor!

  1. Place oil in freezer 5-6 hours before you need it
  2. Bring cucumber juice, agar and locust bean to boil (you might want to add some green food colouring after this stage, as the cucumber does tend to loose some of its vibrancy)
  3. Blitz with hand blender, immersing blender in liquid
  4. Using a squeezy bottle or syringe drop juice into frozen oil
  5. Drain and wash off caviar in warm water

Same process for Soy Caviar, using the the ingredients below:

Soy Caviar:
100g Sugar
100g Sherry Vinegar
100g Soy
500g Vegetable Oil

Matt served the Soy Caviar with oysters and the Cucumber Caviar with salmon.

Have fun! And let us know how it goes.


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