Marmalade Causing a Stir

Mar 24th, 2011 | Posted by | Filed under News

marmalade_mainpage-3883“You’ve unsettled me with your food” was Patricia’s response to breakfast yesterday morning.

Now that’s not necessarily a comment that you would consider to be a complement, but here at Llys Meddyg we did. Very much so.

“Marmalade.. home cured bacon… mushrooms.. they re-awakened my taste buds!”

It sparked an interesting conversation at the breakfast table. Patricia was telling me she thought she ate well, was “Doing everything right”, buying organic, buying the best marmalade, but “It hasn’t got any taste compared to home grown!”

What happened on the Llys Meddyg plate, for Patricia, was the realization that she’d forgotten what fresh produce should taste like. She re-connected with food. The mushrooms evoked memories of mushroom hunting in the fields with her Grandfather and stirred emotions of days since gone.

Patricia and Christopher were down from Brighton to trace their ancestry. Christopher is a ‘James’ from Blaenffos and has been re-connecting with his family. We’re delighted we were able to re-connect them with food also, stir up some fond memories, remind them of home.

That is exactly the experience we are hoping to share at Llys Meddyg. Welcoming you as friends, connecting you with food, taste, suppliers and the land. Following the seasons, paying attention and being respectful to what grows naturally around us. It feels good to share.


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